Arcta the Mountain Giant is the last of the ancient Cyclopes and the third beast that Tom faces in the beast quest series. He is found in the Northern mountains and lives in the Place of the Eagles. He was worshipped by the ancient mountain people as a god. 

Arcta the mountain giant


Arcta has a huge, hairy humanoid body. He has clawed feet and hands and a single brown eye. He has jagged brown teeth. His body is tall as the highest trees and it is almost as wide. His arms and legs bulge with muscle. 


Because Arcta is so tall he can run extremly fast, he has super strength which he uses to push away huge rocks to prevent landslides. He can also use his superhuman strngth to cause landslides and mudslides. He has excellent equilibrium and he can whisk away mist with a wave of his hand. He can also place enchantments on various objects, a power common to all the Good Beasts of Avantia. He can live far longer than a human being. 


When Tom and Elenna first meet Arcta he is walking along the mountain path, later Tom and Elenna find him in the Place of the Eagles where there battle takes place. The source of Arcta's curse is the enchanted blindfold. After the battle Arcta returns to normal and gives Tom an Eagle Feather. When Tom fought Soltra the Stone Charmer, he called on Arcta to help him defeat her. Later, during Tom's Gorgonian quest, Arcta was imprisoned by Sting the Scorpion Man, before he was freed by Tom. Later again, when Avantia was threatened by stabiors, Arcta prevented a town from being covered in lava by throwing rocks on it.