Avantia is Tom and Elenas' home kingdom along with King Hugo,Wizard Aduro and the people there.It is the main setting of the first series,the second series(the Golden Armour),the fourth series(the Amulet of Avantia),the eighth series(The Pirate King),the tenth series(Master of the Beasts),and all special bumper edition books.


Four hundred years before the Beast Quest,the kingdom was ruled by the evil Lord Derthsin.But luckily,a hero named Tanner help freed Avantia from his evil and vanquished the wicked ruler once and for all.


  • King Hugo's Palace
  • Western Ocean
  • The Forest of Fear
  • The Northern Mountains
  • The Central Plains
  • Stonewin Volcano
  • The Icy Plains
  • The Dark Jungle
  • The Ruby Desert

Villages and Towns

  • Errinel (Forton)
  • Shrayton
  • Stonewin
  • Rokwin
  • Spindrel
  • Lorrinel
  • The Royal City
  • Unnamed village in the Icy Plains
  • Unnamed village or town near the Western Ocean
  • Unnamed town in the Ruby Desert


Some villages like Shrayton , we might not know the exact location but according to Tom in Ravira Ruler of the Underworld , it is between the Central Plains and the Forest of Fear.