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One day, Tom was pretending he was fighting a villian in a small forest near Errinel, his home village, until he smelled smoke.

He soon discovered that the smoke came from a fire in Farmer Gretlin's field. Strange things were happening in Errinel, so his uncle Henry sent him to the king to request help. As soon as he arrived at King Hugo's palace, Tom noticed that his village was not the only place in danger. Many people had come for help from the king.The way to the king's clerk was full of people, so he planed to sneak into the palace.

In the palace King Hugo and his advisor, the wizard Aduro was enjoying a supper with the inner council and talking about Beasts guardian.When the meeting finished, Robin, one of KIng Hugo's knights/squires spotted Tom hiding and listening about the six Beasts who guards the kingdom in which the king had talked about earlier. Aduro used a spell that revealed Tom's idendity as Taladon the Swift's son. Tom responded by telling them that his village was attacked. The king and Aduro told Tom that the legendary good beasts of Avantia existed, but they were under the spell of the evil wizard Malvel who has planned to bring Avantia to destruction. Aduro saw Tom's courage and KIng Hugo sent Tom to free all the good beasts, giving Tom a magic key. Tom rode on Storm, the fastest stallion in Avantia with Elenna, his new companion. Silver, Elenna's pet wolf, also helped Tom on the quest.

Together they freed the six beasts and made them good again, one by one. In the last quest to free Epos the Flame Bird, Malvel appeared, and was defeated by Tom.

Known Books In the SeriesEdit

Ferno the Fire Dragon, Sepron the Sea Serpent, Arcta the Mountain Giant, Tagus the Horse Man, Nanook the Snow Monster and Epos the Flame Bird.

Special Bumper EditonEdit

Vedra and Krimon Twin Beasts of Avantia

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