Blaze is the fifth beast Tom has to battle in series four The Amulet of Avantia. The fifth piece of the amulet was lodged in the place where his head meets his body.


He has an enormous, long, green body with red scales as thick as saddle leather with spikes protruding from it. From his body, there are four powerful claws. He also has horns growing from his head and a long slender tail.

Powers and Age

Blaze can breath freezing vapor out of his mouth that can freeze a volcano. He also has fearsome claws to attack with. He can change to ghostly form. Age: 313 Power: 210 Magic Power: 187 Fear Factor: 90

The Fight

Tom and his brave companions first meet this fearsome dragon when they were camping near the foot of Stonewin Volcano. Blaze come and coiled around Tom's body but Elenna saved him and Blaze fled away. They later found him on top of the Volcano where Epos was imprisoned by his ice. After a while Tom saved Epos and together they defeated Blaze.

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