Beast Quest Series List

Series 1: Beast Quest

1. Ferno The Fire Dragon

2. Sepron The Sea Serpent

3. Arcta The Mountain Giant

4. Tagus The Horse Man

5. Nanook The Snow Monster

6. Epos The Flame Bird 

E1. Vedra & Krimon The Twin Beasts of Avantia

Series 2: The Golden Armour

1. Zepha The Monster Squid

2. Claw The Giant Monkey

3. Soltra The Stone Charmer

4. Vipero The Snake Man

5. Arachnid The King of Spiders

6. Trillion The Three-Headed Lion

E2. Spiros The Ghost Pheonix

Series 3: The Dark Realm

1. Torgor The Minotaur

2. Skor The Winged Stallion

3. Narga The Sea Monster

4. Kaymon The Gorgon Hound

5. Tusk The Mighty Mammoth

6. Sting The Scorpion Man

E3. Arax The Soul Stealer

Series 4: The Amulet of Avantia

1. Nixa The Death-Bringer

2. Equinis The Spirit Horse

3. Rashouk The Cave Troll

4. Luna The Moon Wolf

5. Blaze The Ice Dragon

6. Stealth The Ghost Panther

E4. Sephir The Storm Monster

Series 5: The Shade of Death

1. Krabb Master of the Sea

2. Hawkite The Sky Lord/Arrow of the Air

3. Rokk The Walking Mountain

4. Koldo The Ice Warrior/The Arctic Warrior

5. Trema The Slug Monster/The Earth Lord

6. Amictus The Bug Queen

E5. Kragos and Kildor The Two-Headed Demon

Series 6: The World of Chaos

1. Komodo The Lizard King

2. Muro The Rat Monster

3. Fang The Bat Fiend

4. Murk The Swamp Man

5. Terra Curse of the Forest

6. Vespick The Wasp Queen

E6. Creta The Winged Terror

Series 7: The Lost World

1. Convol The Cold-Blooded Brute

2. Hellion The Fiery Foe

3. Krestor The Crushing Terror

4. Madara The Midnight Warrior

5. Ellik The Lighting Horror

6. Carnivora The Winged Scavenger

E7. Mortaxe The Skeleton Warrior

Series 8: The Pirate King

1. Balisk The Water Snake

2. Koron Jaws of Death

3. Hecton The Body-Snatcher

4. Torno The Hurricane Dragon

5. Kronus The Clawed Menace

6. Bloodboar The Buried Doom

E8. Ravira Ruler of the Underworld

Series 9: The Warlock's Staff

1. Ursus The Clawed Roar

2. Minos The Demon Bull

3. Koraka The Winged Assassin

4. Silver The Wild Terror

5. Spikefin The Water King

6. Torpix The Twisting Serpent

E9. Raksha The Mirror Demon

Series 10: Master of the Beasts

1. Noctila The Death Owl

2. Shamani The Raging Flame

3. Lustor The Acid Dart

4. Voltrex The Two-Headed Octopus

5. Tecton The Armoured Giant

6. Doomskull The King of Fear

E10. Grashkor The Beast Guard

Series 11: The New Age

1. Elko Lord of the Sea

2. Tarrok The Blood Spike

3. Brutus The Hound of Horror

4. Flaymar The Scorched Blaze

5. Serpio The Slithering Shadow

6. Tauron The Pounding Fury

E11. Ferrok The Iron Soldier

Series 12: The Darkest Hour 

1. Solak Scourge of the Sea

2. Kajin The Beast Catchter

3. Issrilla The Creeping Menace 

4. Vigrash The Clawed Eagle 

5. Mirka The Ice Horse

6. Kama The Faceless Beast 

E12. Viktor The Deadly Archer

Series 13: The Warrior's Road

1. Skurik The Forest Demon

2. Targro The Arctic Menace

3. Slivka The Cold-Hearted Curse

4. Linka The Sky Conqueror

5. Vermok The Spiteful Scavenger

6. Koba Ghoul of the Shadows

E13. Anoret The First Beast

Series 14: The Cursed Dragon

1. Raffkor The Stampeding Brute

2. Vislak The Slithering Serpent

3. Tikron The Jungle Master

4. Falra The Snow Phoenix

E14. Okawa The River Beast

Series 15: Velmal's Revenge

1. Wardok The Sky Terror

2. Xerik The Bone Cruncher

3. Plexor The Raging Reptile

4. Quagos The Armoured Beetle

E15. Skolo The Bladed Monster 

Series 16: The Siege of Gwildor

1. Styro The Snapping Brute

2. Ronak The Toxic Terror

3. Solix The Deadly Swarm

4. Kanis The Shadow Hound

E16. Jakara The Ghost Warrior

Series 17: The Broken Star

1. Gryph The Feathered Fiend

2. Thoron The Living Storm

3. Okko The Sand Monster

4. Saurex The Silent Creeper

E17. Yakorix The Ice Bear

Series 18: The Trial of Heroes

1. Krytor The Blood Bat

2. Soara The Stinging Spectre

3. Droagn The Jungle Menace

4. Karixa The Diamond Warrior

E18. Tempra The Time Stealer

Series 19: The Kingdom of Dragons

1. Quarg The Stone Dragon

2. Korvax The Sea Dragon

3. Vetrix The Poison Dragon

4. Strytor The Skeleton Dragon

E19. Falkor The Coiled Terror

Series 20: The Island of Ghosts

1. Zulok The Winged Spirit

2. Skalix The Snapping Horror

3. Okira The Two-Faced Crusher

4. Rykar The Fire Hound

E20. Kyrax The Metal Warrior

Series 21:Curse of the Netherworld

1. Grymon The Biting Horror

2. Skrar The Night Scavenger

3. Tarantix The Bone Spider

4. Lypida The Shadow Fiend

E21. Magror Ogre of the Swamps

Series 22: The Banished Empire

1. Tarnak The Slinking Fury

2. Espael The Demon Phoenix

3. Fayron The Frozen Destroyer

4. Rallior The Ghostly Horror

E22. Verak The Storm King

Series 23: The Mystic Jewel

1. Killfang The Winged Tiger

2. Veronta The Flaming Queen

3. Horatis The Eclipse Conqueror

4. Fistrax The Deadly Golem

E23. Isengro The Lunar Champion

Series 24: The Mysterious Treasure

1. Kabtus The Thunder Vulture

2. Sharpclaw The Fierce Leopard

3. Galgor The Spiked Rhino

4. Norian The Killer Swordfish

E24. Leviathan The Underwater Doom

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