Claw the Giant Monkey

Claw the Giant Monkey is the second beast Tom and Elenna face in the Golden Armour. He is found in the Dark Jungle.


Claw is a huge monkey with razor sharp claws and a long, slender tail with a very large, dangerous claw on the end of it.


Claw has the ability to climb through the jungle quickly thanks to his long arms and sharp claws, he can also sneak up on his enemies and kill them with the claw on the end of his tail.


When Tom and Elenna first meet Claw there in the Dark Jungle when Claw tries to kill them with his tail claw, Elenna is taken by Claw to his lair where Tom rescues her then calls Ferno the Fire Dragon to help them defeat Claw, After the battle Tom receives the Golden Chainmail and Ferno return to his home.

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