Ferno the Fire dragon is the first beast Tom faces in the series.


Ferno has a large scaly black body with spikes lined down his body. He has two huge powerful wings and a long black tail. As such, he is often mistaken for a mountain.


Ferno's huge powerful body gives him incredible stength and weight. He also has the ability to fly thanks to his large powerful wings. Ferno can breathe fire as well, one blast of fire is enough to scorch the ground. He can also build dams for the river, and can choke up the whole river and cause a drought.


When Tom and Elenna first meet Ferno they mistake him for a mountain and almost get themselves killed, after narrowly avoiding a painful death they find the source of Ferno's curse, a golden collar is around his neck which causes him to be evil. After Tom gets the collar off, Ferno returns to his former self and leaves Tom a Dragon Scale as a way to say thanks.


Ferno was hatched from a very big egg 288 years before the beast quest began.He grew up quickly to protect the south part of Avantia.