AduroAlbinAmictus the Bug Queen
Arachnid the King of SpidersArax the Soul StealerArcta the Mountain Giant
AriannaAvantiaAvantian Beasts
BadawiBalisk the Water SnakeBeast Quest series one
Black CactusBlaze the Ice DragonBrutus the Hound of Horror
Carnivora the Winged ScavengerClaw the Giant MonkeyConvol, the Cold-Blooded Brute
Creta the Winged TerrorDoomskull the King of FearDragon Scale
Dragon ScalesEagle FeatherElenna
Elko Lord of the SeaEllik the Lightning HorrorEpos the Flame Bird
Equinus the Spirit HorseFalra the Snow PhoenixFang the Bat Fiend
Ferno The Fire DragonFerno the Fire DragonFleetfoot
FreyaGolden ArmourGolden Boots
Golden BreastplateGolden ChainmailGolden Gauntlets
Golden HelmetGolden Leg ArmourGolden Valley
Golden armourGorgoniaGreen Jewel
GwildorGwildorian OceanGwildorian Pearl
Gwildorian RingHawkite Arrow of the AirHellion the Fiery Foe
Horseshoe FragmentJeweled beltKaymon the Gorgon Hound
KayoniaKerlo the GatekeeperKing Hugo
Koldo the Arctic WarriorKomodo the Lizard KingKoron Jaws of Death
Kraab Master of the SeaKragos & Kildor the Two-Headed DemonKrestor the Crushing Terror
Kronus the Clawed MenaceLuna the Moon WolfMadara the Midnight Warrior
MalvelMarcMaster of the beasts ( rank )
Murk's VineMurk the Swamp ManMuro the Rat Monster
Nanook's BellNanook the Snow MonsterNarga the Sea Monster
Nixa the Death BringerOraduPetra
Phoenix TalonRaffkor the Stampeding BruteRainbow Swamp
Rashouk the Cave TrollRaymond(Kayonia)Red Jewel
Rokk the Walking MountainRolandRuby Desert Nomad
Sepron's ToothSepron the Sea SerpentSerpent Tooth
SethSilverSkor the Winged Stallion
Skurik the Forest DemonSolak Scourge of the SeaSoltra the Stone Charmer
Spikefin the Water KingSpiros the Ghost PhoenixStealth the Ghost Panther
Sting the Scorpion ManStonewin VolcanoStorm
Tagus the Horse ManTaladon the SwiftTavania
Tecton the Armoured GiantTerra Curse of the ForestThe Beast Quest Wiki
The Icy PlainsThe Northern MountainsThe Ruby Desert
The SpiritThe Tree of BeingTikron The Jungle Master
TomTom's ShieldTorgor the Minotaur
Torno the Hurricane DragonTrema the Earth LordTrillion the Three Headed Lion
Tusk the Mighty MammothVanished WoodlandVedra and Krimon Twin Beasts of Avantia
VelmalVespick the Wasp QueenVinto the Witch Queen
Vipero the Snake ManVoltrex the Two-headed OctopusWestern Ocean
White JewelYellow JewelZenbar
Zepha the Monster Squid
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