Skor Edit

Skor is the second beast of the Dark Realm. He guards the green jewel.


Skor is a giant horse with large, feathered wings. He has golden hooves and yellow teeth that are hung with strings of saliva. He is coal black with a snow - white mane and a large green tail. Silver sparks flash from his eyes. He is roughly 10 times larger than a regular horse. His wings are bright purple on the underside and are tipped with gold feathers that shine with golden light.


Skor has the ability to fly thanks to his wings and he has enhanced strength. He can create tremors by stamping his hooves and the sparks that his eyes emit can burn wood. He is also quite durable, able to withstand a blow from Tom's sword without injury. His body doesn't appear to house blood and he can heal from minor injuries such as a slash from a sword or a puncture with an arrow within seconds. He can live far longer than a regular horse. 


He can be put to sleep by blowing through a blade of grass. His head is his weakest spot.


Tom and Elenna meet Skor in the Rainforest where he is guarding Epos and where Tom meets his enemy Seth, Seth and Tom fight and in the end Tom wins sending Seth running, After Skor battles Tom and Elenna, Tom defeats him by blowing through a blade of grass and receives the Green Jewel for his Belt and Epos is sent home.

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