Soltra the Stone Charmer

Soltra the Stone Charmer is the third beast Tom and Elenna face in the Golden Armor. She is found in the marsh near Tom's home village.


Soltra has purple, humanoid body, a big, oval head and a large, milk-white eye. She has a long purple robe and underneath is a skeletal body. She wields a long, snaking whip, which she can use to capture or kill her victims.


Soltra has the ability to freeze people in a wall of stone just by making the victim look into her eye. She also has a whip which she pulls out at will to slaughter the enemy.


When Tom and Elenna first meet Soltra they are in the marsh at night, Soltra tries to lure Tom to his death with her voice, Tom calls Arcta the Mountain Giant to help defeat Soltra, in the end they defeat soltra and recover the golden breastplate which gives Tom enhanced strength.

About Soltra's card

Her Age is 487 years old. Her Power is 196. Her Magic Level is 184 and her Fright Factor is 72.

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