Tagus the Horse Man is the fourth beast Tom and Elenna must face in the beast quest series.


Tagus has the body of a large, brown horse and the rest of his body is human.


Tagus has the ability to run extremly fast thanks to his horse legs, He also has a sword which he will use at will.Normal man can't lift his sword.


When Tom and Elenna first met Tagus it was in the middle of the night when Tagus had tried to kill the cattle, The source of Tagus's curse was a golden horseshoe which was on one of his horse legs. After getting it off it shattered leaving fragments on the ground, Tagus gave a Horseshoe Fragment Tom which gave him the gift of incredible speed.He shared one common similarities with Trema the Earth Lord,the fact that they both live in plains. Another fact is that they represent Avantia twining Gwildor.Tagus apears in Koron Jaws of Death he helped Tom to fight with Sanpao and Koron Jaws of Death.


Tagus was 406 years old, he was born 406 years ago, which makes him the second oldest beast of Avantia.Once upon a time,Tagus's human half looked just like a normal man.But as time passed he started to look more Beastly. Tagus got his sword from the hunter that heard about the Horse Man and went out to hunt it, Tagus kept a sword as a trophy.

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