Tom is the main protagonist of the Beast Quest series. He lives in the village of Errinel with his Aunt Maria and Uncle Henry. He is the son of Taladon the Swift and Freya.


Tom has brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a leather jerkin, trousers, boots and a tunic.


Tom is a skilled swordsman and gains tokens from the Beasts he has fought. On his shield are the tokens from the good Beasts of Avantia.


He is good-hearted and always helps anyone who needs help. But he also thinks of his Quest as the most important thing along with his friends.

Weapons and Equipment

Tom carries a sword and a wooden shield given to him by the wizard Aduro. The sword is used for both attack and defense - it can parry or block blows from other swords and also be used to stab or slash at opponents or obstacles. His shield can block attacks and has special abilities granted by six tokens gifted by the six Good Beasts of Avantia; the dragon scale, given to Tom by Ferno the Fire dragon which protects him from fire. The serpent tooth, given to by Sepron the Sea Serpent helps him resist torrents of water and later gives Tom the ability to breathe underwater. The eagle feather (given by Arcta the Mountain Giant), slows down falls. The horseshoe fragment (Tagus the Horse-Man), gives him extra speed. The magic bell (Nanook the Snow Monster) protects him againts cold weather and ice attacks ( from Blaze the Ice Dragon). The phoenix talon (Epos the Flame Bird) heals wounds. He also wears a magic jewelled belt with six gems from Gorgonia on it.

About Tom's card

His Age is 12 years old. His Power is 89. His Magic Level is 132 and his Fright Factor is 74.

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