The shield was given to Tom by Aduro on his first quest to free Ferno the Fire Dragon.


It looked like a wooden solid shield with six magic tokens embedded on its raked surface.


The shield carries six magic tokens from the first six good beasts Tom had freed .Ferno's scale protects Tom from extreme heat. Sepron's tooth prevents Tom from being flown away by strong water currents and keeps him from drowning. artca's feather slows Tom down while he falls from great height. Tagus's horseshoe fragment makes him moves or run faster. Nanook's bell protects him from extreme cold. Last of all, Epos's talon heals wounds and bruises. The shield is carved from the Tree of Being, thus making it very strong.


The shield was taken away by Tavanian guards in Convol the Cold-Blooded Brute and was taken back in Carnivora the Winged Scavenger.