Trillon the Three Headed Lion

Trillion is the last beast Tom and Elenna encounter in the Golden Armour, he is found in the Central Plains.


Trillion is a large lion with golden fur and three fearsome heads. He has huge slavering jaws, emerald-green eyes, and huge paws that are studded with razor-sharp claws. He gives off a foul stench, and he has ninety teeth.


Trillion has enhanced strength, enhanced senses and can run quite fast. He has razor-sharp claws and fangs and his three heads can attack simultaneously for more effect. He is very resistant to pain, as three arrows stuck in his hide couldn't hurt him. He can live far longer than a regular lion. He has also teeth that can shatter bones. 


He is afraid of water, as his manes get waterlogged and drag him down, meaning he cannot swim.


When Tom and Elenna first encounter Trillion, he and Tagus are fighting, Tagus gets badly injured, and Trillion is chased away by Elena's arrows.

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