Vedra and Krimon

Vedra and Krimon is the first special bumper edition book of the Beast Quest series and the first special bumper edition beasts Tom has to help.

Vedra and KrimonEdit

Vedra the green dragon and Krimon the red dragon shared mystic connections with each other.If one is hurt the other can sense it.

Appearance Edit

Vedra has green scales and Krimon, red. They have two wings and two feet.

Powers Edit

Both dragons have the ability to launch fire from their mouth just like Ferno the Fire Dragon.They also create an orb of red or green light to lead the way to each other while lost.

Others Edit

Tom first saw the twin dragons in Aduro's magic vision.Later in the book he and Elena meet them in the Nidrem caves,the dragons hatching place.Tom must lead the dragons into Rion,a safe kingdom for them to grow.But,Malvel will stop at nothing to corrupt the twin dragons and enslave them.

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