Vipero the Snake man

Vipero the Snake Man is the fourth beast Tom and Elenna face with Golden Armour, he is found in the Ruby Desert.


Vipero has a long, slender body, two muscly arms and two snakelike heads. His tail and lower body are red but his torso and heads are bright green. He also has silver blood. 


Vipero has the abiliy to warm the desert causing all the water to dry up, he can also travel along the ground very fast. Also because he is a snake beast he is loaded with venom which he will use at will, finally if his heads are cut off they can still move but act just like snakes.


Vipero has already killed a villager before Tom and Elenna first meet Vipero in a canyon in the Ruby desert where there battle takes place, Elenna is injected with venom from Vipero taking her out of the battle, luckily Tom calls Epos the Flame bird to help. After the battle Elenna is cured and Tom recieves the Golden Leg Armour that allows him to run extremely fast.

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